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Below is a list of account names whos status was changed for violations of our Terms of Service, Bouncing Mail or Inactivity. Each account includes the date and time the account status was changed and the reason for the change.
If your status has been changed to suspended, you have one month to contact admin to request your account be re-instated. Your account will be reveiwed and a decision made at that time.
Accounts suspended who fail to contact admin during the one month suspension will be deleted. Deleted accounts can not be recovered.
If your account has been set to 'inbox only' due to bouncing mail, you may change it back yourself in your user information page once you have cleaned, changed or fixed your email. However, members who have to be set to 'inbox only' several times are subject to suspension. (All times are GMT)

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keren2008-09-23 04:46:255 cheatlinks
weisky5282008-09-23 04:46:065 cheatlinks
wolflinnda2008-09-23 04:45:414 cheatlinks
petetan2008-09-23 04:45:184 cheatlinks
chenty2008-09-23 04:44:493 cheatlinks
alex19742008-09-23 04:44:183 cheatlinks, all bad keywords checked
yege9632008-09-23 04:27:563 cheatlinks
nuaayk2008-08-12 21:19:404 cheat links
nazrulmadina2008-08-12 21:18:443 cheat links clicked
cyl995202008-08-12 21:18:164 cheat links
vbyu19872008-07-31 18:34:2015 cheat links
wangzheng2072008-07-24 03:12:30deleted on gossipemails for tos violations- no understand english checked in userinfo, also i read tos not checked in userinfo
vira1232008-07-24 03:10:35deleted on cashrocks for tos violations-dont understand english not checked in userinfo, also i read the tos not checked in userinfo
libot2008-07-24 03:07:55deleted on wine-n-rosesptr for tos violations- 13 cheat links
xiaobo11242008-07-24 03:02:48deleted on tickledpink for tos violations- 11 cheat links
cindy2008-07-24 00:43:01clickbot user checked in userinfo, i read tos not checked in userinfo
ken1388882008-07-21 00:37:462 cheat links, i read tos not checked in userinfo
netlada2008-07-17 05:18:053 cheat links
manhandle1262008-07-17 05:17:12all keywords checked including delete me
advieweyb2008-07-17 05:11:432 cheat links , i read tos not checked
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