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Below is a list of account names that have recieved some kind of award, won a contest or raffle, or received random or full payouts. These users listed are deserving of special recognition. (All times are GMT)

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dlb16882010-12-08 03:37:01Contest PTC Winner!
wlansqa2010-11-23 03:36:23Contest PTC Winner!
dydy1232010-11-10 05:35:26Contest PTC Winner!
netlaji2010-10-26 06:06:14Contest PTC Winner!
dlb16882010-10-20 06:05:27Contest PTC Winner!
jmhwf2010-10-06 06:04:49Contest PTC Winner!
well272010-09-21 22:46:32Contest PTC Winner!
moneybug5222010-09-08 03:22:10Contest PTC Winner!
dydy1232010-08-29 03:21:11Contest PTC Winner!
luch19772010-08-14 03:20:40Contest PTC Winner!
cgantt2010-07-25 05:04:32Contest PTC Winner!
wlansqa2010-07-11 05:03:42Contest PTC Winner!
gahjk2010-06-25 23:05:47Contest PTC Winner!
netlaji2010-06-08 03:35:14Contest PTC Winner!
xiaoyun5002010-05-24 03:57:44Contest PTC Winner!
ghjee2010-05-12 01:31:21Contest PTC Winner!
gahjk2010-05-06 22:15:35Contest PTC Winner!
biggguy4022010-05-01 22:14:52Contest PTC Winner!
wlansqa2010-04-21 22:14:11Contest PTC Winner!
aunty2010-04-10 22:13:24Contest PTC Winner!

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