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If the site you wish to promote at is not listed below, you may apply for approval here. REQUEST APPROVAL HERE

A qualified site must meet all of the following:
1. The site MUST BE in English since ALL of our advertisers have their advertisements in English.

2. Not use of autosurf scripts.

3. Must not load the promote  page in a popup or exit exchange window.

4. Must Not Load a promote page within an iframe on ANY page of their site
(except manual exchange sites or PTR email sites that use a timer on the frame before they credit a member).

5. PTR sites should be sustainable in the opinion of 's management to be approved. Sites with minimum paid mail link values over 5 cents or payout over 100 dollars will most likly not be approved.

The approved site policy is instituted to protect our members and advertisers, this is a key element in ensuring we generate the quality of traffic needed to maintain high payout levels for members.

Below, the sites are listed alphabetically.
If you would like a site approved please contact us
Please Do not submit more then 3 sites at a time
thank you

If you are approved here is a button if you would like to place it on your site


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aftermidnightmails.info1009595.00%722 credit(s)
aligator-cash.com595288.14%666.1 credit(s)
americanamails.info271970.37%296.3 credit(s)
awesomeemails4u.com26118169.35%395.02 credit(s)

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